Updated May 2008

  In the spring of 1997, having completed my the previous year, the yearning to build a new flying machine started all over again. Even though I had less than a hundred hours on the Kitfox, I missed working on a big project. I usually have two or three smaller projects going on all the time but the challenge of building something you plan to fly in is a whole different proposition!

In early summer '97, I began looking around at different potential projects and happened to see a picture and advertisement of the Graham Lee designed 7/8ths scale Nieuport 11 replica in the back of the Leading Edge Airfoils catalog. Single place, relatively low-cost, plans built, and a fighter replica to boot! I started talking about it with Gary (a friend of mine that was somewhat interested in building something) and we both decided to find a place to build and to order plans and material kits from LEAF. By late summer '97, we had a workshop secured and the materials were delivered. Off we went.
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OSHKOSH 2005 Photos
BRS-5 Ballistic Chute Installation Details

N124TD in action...

15Mb Windows Media File Movie

First Flight Formation
5Mb Windows Media File

Gun & Smoke runs at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome
6Mb Windows Media File Movie


Video from the cockpit of N124TD
11Mb Windows Media File




"People's Choice Award" - Replica Fighters Org
EAA Airventure 2005