Flying Model Simulator


I've found FMS to be a great free RC flight simulator. Good for staying in practice during the bad weather days and just fun to play with! Below are a couple of models of aircraft (near and dear to my heart) that I created.

There are TONS of add-on plane models out on the web. Just do a search on "FMS"...

Click the following link to go to the FMS homepage to download FMS.



Click here to download the Kitfox model for FMS (139K WinZip)

Click here to download the Nieuport 11 model for FMS (104K WinZip)

RC Transmitter Interfaces

To really get the most out of FMS, you need to interface an R/C transmitter to your PC via the buddy-box connector available on many transmitters. A quick and easy way to do that is with SmartPropo.

SmartPropo is an application that was developed by a gent in Japan to interface a transmitter to the mic (line in) input jack of your sound card. I've tried it and it works GREAT. Go to the SmartPropo website to download a copy with instructions.

  Another great (and probably more robust) interface is PIC based. Ken Hewitt has a great little serial interface kit that will have you up and running in no time.