TC's GMP Cricket

I've owned a Gorham Cricket RC helicopter since about 1983 but it's been hanging up in my shop now for the last 20 years. I never really learned to fly it back in the 80s. Lately I've been messing around with FMS and finally learned to fly a little bit of rotorwing. I decided to drag the Cricket down and see if I could get it going. After hanging that long it took some work but came out nicely. I use an original OS-28FH heli engine I had and I installed a forced air cooling system pieced together with a Hirobo fan and a shroud I purchased off eBay. I had an original Futaba rate gyro that I installed to help tame the tail rotor. It works pretty good.

Thankfully, I had some odds and ends parts 'cause you sure can't find any around anymore! The 'copter was in pretty good shape to begin with. I did make one mod by putting a machined joint made of 6061TC aluminum in the tailboom just aft of the tailplane to allow replacement of the forward section with a short length of 1/2"-.035 6061T6 tubing. The tailboom tends to wear due to the tail rotor wire vibrating inside it. I did this because the original has a flared-end that accepts the tail rotor gearbox. Some of the hardware is stock kinda stuff and I found a source for replacement drivebelts (McMaster-Carr 70XL PN 6484K117 for $2.18).

Anyway, getting the 'ole Cricket flying was a nice holiday project! Here's some pics of my work and a little video of the monster in the air.


Some shots of my Cricket

Mainshaft from .250" precision hardened steel

I installed the forced air cooling fan and shroud

Canopy has been cracked & repaired since 1986! :^)

Futaba rate gyro is linked to the tail rotor servo

Jointed tail boom just aft of the fin.

My spare parts collection

Mostly original documentation

Some flying shots...


5mb Windows Media Player Clip