True Four-Place Utility

Designed by professional engineer Bob Barrows

Quickbuild kits aviailable through Avipro


Carry Four People, Full fuel, AND 200 pounds

Cargo Bay With Large Doors

Flying for Eight Years - 200 Under Construction

Over 1000 hours of Flight Time

Wide Choice of Engines - 150-260 horsepower

My Bearhawk Experience
After I finished up the Nieuport 11 replica in 2005 I started longing for another big project. With a wife and two kids, it was obvious that a single place fighter replica and a two-place Kitfox sport plane was simply not going to cut it. So, attention turned toward something we could use as a family. The Bearhawk will fulfill all our needs in a 4 place utility aircraft. I purchased a quickbuild Bearhawk kit from Avipro in February of 2007 and construction started.

Construction of my Bearhawk was completed in September of 2011 and the real fun began.

2011 Pics and Progress
2010 Pics and Progress
2008 - Pics and progress...
2007 - Pics and Progress

Airworthiness of N962TD was signed off on 3-October-2011 and the first flights were conducted on 11-October-2011.

N962TD received a Kitbuilt Outstanding Workmanship Award at EAA Airventure 2013 in Oshkosh. What an honor!